Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday was a rough day. I tell you this has been the most stretching time of my life.  Learning to deal with who I am in a world that doesn't understand my love for Christ and what he has called us to do in this season.  Learning to turn towards Him in the bitter, hard moments.  Please Lord help me to have a loving heart that is full of grace and not a heart that is bitter.  I'm human and fall, but He keeps picking me back up and leading me down the path again.  I couldn't do this without Him holding my hand.

This morning I went to the mail box to find a check for 250.00 from a complete stranger.  Someone I don't know.  This person is from my town and felt led, and saw the need to bring home Nellie.  I opened the letter and was just in tears. I am just so thankful.   My God is good all the time, in the moments of sorrow, hardship and the moments of great Joy.  I am constantly in awe of who He is, working on a transformed life, becoming more like Him.  I know everything I go through is to draw me closer to Him, and to glorify His name.

We have 10,750  left to raise to go get Nellie.  I know we will get there. So hopeful that we will be able to travel in March.

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