Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Obsessed Mom.

I have a plan in place.  Call every ten minutes until someone approves our paperwork.  Really though, I will call everyday until immigration approves us.  What else can I do while I'm waiting.

My dryer stopped working on Friday, and I have a huge pile of laundry.  It is insane, I must be behind 12 to 14 loads.  Really, does anyone else do 6 to 7 loads of laundry everyday.  So on my list tomorrow is to find a repair man because my laundry room is starting to smell like dirty socks.  It is kind of funny actually.  I  have been on this organization kick the last few weeks, and my goal this weekend was the laundry room.  I was going to completely organize it and make it warm and inviting.  What I have now is a room that I can barely open the door too.

Other things on my to do list, put something on my walls.  We have lived here for almost 7 months and I hate to say it but it looks like we just moved in.  There is absolutely nothing on any wall, it is completely boring.  Anyone want to come over and give me so decorating advice?  Paint, I have intentions of painting several rooms in my house, however this will continue to fall to the bottom of my list because everything else seems to be more important.  Oh, school.  I need to make sure that my kiddos understand that this week I mean business, they will absolutely finish everything I put in front of them, I need to pretend that I am rough and gruff. I also need to stop procrastinating the tax return, I see lot of receipts in my future,late nights.  There is a theme in what I am typing tonight, and it is absolutely not characteristic of me.  I see a very unstructured few weeks in front of me.  I feel like a chicken with my head cut off.  I finish one thing just to find that I forgot to do something else.  It kind of reminds me of my pregnancy brain. Another thing I desperately need to do, I need to hire someone that I trust to watch my daycare kids while we are gone.  This is such a daunting task that I keep putting it off, saying I will start the hunt tomorrow  So if you know anyone in our area that is good with kids and would like to make a bit of money when we are in country please let me know.  I'm sure there are a million other things too, but my brain doesn't know what they are at the moment.

Please pray because the word that keeps coming o mind is frazzled.  I really want to be that Proverbs supermom, superwife, but unfortunately I am completely missing the mark today.  Oh and if none of this makes any sense at all, please forgive me, I am in desperate need of sleep.

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