Saturday, January 21, 2012

What is Nellie's Name?

I got medical reports back yesterday, cross your fingers our Stateside helper thinks they are going to work.  She is getting the okay from one other person.  If they are okay, all we need is USCIS approval, and our 2011 tax return and we can summit our Dossier.  So tonight I will be over my head in receipts.  I usually wait until the last minute to get them done, but this year it might be the tax return that keeps us from summiting, so I'm working on it as fast as possible.  It seems like daily one more thing falls into place.  
Something that has been topic of discussion around here is what will Nellie's name be?  I was told as soon as we get in country they will ask us what her name is.  We can not agree in this house what her name should be.  Nellie is not her name, it is just a name that is used to protect her.  So if you look at her photo and have any suggestions leave a comment and let us know.  


  1. ABIGAIL: means father rejoices (Im biased because we have an Abbie)

    JOANNA: means gift of the Lord (She looks like a Joanna to me.)

    PHOEBE: means shining and pure (Just think Phoebe would fit her well too.)

  2. Ok this post brought me to tears!!! Maybe you'll just love her real name and keep it.

    When I saw Nellie for the first time I saw my oldest daughter Olivia. They don't look anything alike but that face Nellie is making in her photo(her younger photo) is one Olivia made often at that age.

    I can't wait to hear what you decide!

  3. I love the name Abigail and also McKenna... can't wait to hear what you decide...

  4. I looked at her and thought of Elizabeth Joy...Elizabeth meaning God's promise and Joy because it is a huge joy to have a daughter! :) But can't wait to see what you have picked!

  5. I think she is a total Abigail (Abby) others that I think of....Tessa or Margaret (Maggie). Can't wait to see your choice!