Tuesday, January 3, 2012


These babies above all have families desperately working to go get them.  All three of our families are struggling coming up with the money to go get our little ones.  Gracie's mama is going to be traveling in a week. They are having faith that they will come up with the funds needed to get there sweetheart.  As for Sydney and Lucien's mama she only has a few short months to raise a huge ransom. Then there is our family and we are trusting that we can get Nellie in March, and we have a huge amount left to go.  All of us going to rescue children are in this together so why not trying to fundraise together.  Fundraising has proven to be difficult for our families, but these are the times that we find ourselves clinging to the promise that God will provide.  Learning over and over how to be faithful to the one who loves us so much.  Drawing closer to him in the hard moments.  Knowing that He loves these babies more than we can imagine, keeps us going.  

So our newest fundraiser is a baby photo contest.

All proceeds from this fundraisers will 100% help these three families.  All the rules and regulations to this contest are on a new blog page so go check it out, and enter your babies.  Tell your friends to enter there sweet baby pictures.

The registration fee for this contest is how we are fundraising.  The more beautiful chubby cheeks entered the closer we get to bringing home our little ones.

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