Thursday, January 19, 2012

Again today, there has been a pouring out of love to my little Nellie.  200.00 dollars has been donated.  This is just unbelievable to me.  Fundraising has been a slow going process, and so far this week we have received 525.00.  Truly I am so thankful, to all of you.  Not only for the financial support but the emotional support.  Sometimes this process is rough, and it really means so much to me when someone leaves a kind note of support.  You all are such a blessing to me.  We are almost to the 10,000 mark.  We still need 10,475.  

I talked with the doctors office three times today, about our med forms.  Finally, they said they are ready.
They said this last week also, so I am praying when I get there tomorrow they are done.  They called me on Monday and asked me to come get there letterhead and print the document.  So all this needs to be done correctly is signatures that are written in blue ink.  I have a feeling they are correct.

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