Friday, August 23, 2013

8 Months Home. A quick update.

Time just keeps zooming by.  It is hard to believe that Bella and Gracie have been home for over 8 months. They are growing, learning, and it feels like they have always been here.

GRACIE just a week ago has learned to give hugs.  She knows she is loved, she knows after a session of therapy that I am there for a hug.  She knows when she gets off from the school bus that I will meet her.  She knows that whatever happens that she can snuggle and now the hugs are given and received so freely.  This is a huge milestone for her, she is comforted by her parents.  This was not always the case for the longest time she comforted herself from the stress of life because that was all she knew.  She now knows differently.  My daughter knows what it feels like to be loved and it is really wonderful.

 Gracie turned 7 this month.

BELLA is doing wonderful.  We have gotten past almost all of the medical stuff she was dealing with, and she is back to her happy self.  She is working so hard on mastering walking, and she does it with such a joyful spirit. 

These two love each other. 
Gracie's hair is growing out!

Bella playing with a toy appropriately.