Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I think over the past months since deciding that we wanted to bring home a precious little girl that you my readers have come to see how passionate I am about adoption.  For the past several months it seems to be what I live and breath, trying to get everything done to bring home a miracle girl.  There are many other things that our family are passionate about.
My husband is a people person.  When I send him on a five minute errand he will be gone for hours. Why because he is out talking to people.  When we are in the community he knows everyone.  He is a pastor and  one of his greatest joys is telling others about Jesus. Teaching others and seeing transformed lives.  He is a pastor of a very small church.  On any given Sunday we might have 15 to 20 people sitting in the seats of the church.  Our church and my husband are passionate about the lost, and definitively want to help those in great need.  Our church I feel puts our arms around those that others would turn away.
This gets me thinking, this is a statement for our family.  It's who we are.  We are a family that wraps our arms around those in need. I think it defines us well. It doesn't matter where your from, what you have, or how you dress. It just doesn't matter, we show others that they are loved.   So if you wonder what drives us, it is our love for our Savior.  We feel our Fathers love and we want people who don't know him to feel a glimpse of His love.   Especially those who would be overlooked by others.  If only a seed is planted from our actions than so be it.  My greatest wish is for others to see that I am who I am because I have a father in heaven who loves me so much.   If only they could see it, and know that they too are so treasured.
Our lives are a field to do the Lords work, we are not just Sunday Christians.  Nellie will be loved in our home, she will be taken care of, she will laugh, she will cry and know there is someone here to wipe away her tears.  She will have a home, but the most important thing is that she will be know about our Lord who loves her so much and has a plan for her life.  The possibilities are endless for her life, she can be who she wants to be with the help of a family who wants her,  and loves her.


  1. I have not known you very long but everything you have said comes across when people meet you. You are a very welcoming family. You are a family of God, which is something to always be proud of.


  2. I just wanted to tell you what an encouragement your blog is to me. I too have four boys and I hope to adopt a little girl from Reeces Rainbow sometime this year. I am waiting for the right time. Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiring me to keep praying that the Lord will open the doors for my family when the time is right.