Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 Months Home.

I can hardly believe the girls have been home for 5 months.  These months have been filled with doctors appointments.  It can be a bit overwhelming with how often we have gone to the doctor.  They both have had dental surgery, they both have had there tonsils and adenoids removed, they have both started therapy 2 times a week.  We have our up's and downs, but one thing that is constant is that they are both blossoming.  Oh my goodness my precious Gracie.  She is a different child, she is no longer the self stimulating child who wanted to sit in the window for hours at a  time.  She is talking, imitating more and more words daily.  She is eating big people food (chewing food),  she is going to school everyday, she roams around the house going up and down stairs. She seems to get taller and taller every day.  She is joyful and always laughing and giggling.  It is so wonderful watching her interact with her brothers, they all love her so much.

Miss Bella has had many ups and downs over the past few months.  After her tonsil were removed, we have spent a great deal of time at the doctors, including a stay in the hospital for dehydration.  She is such a fighter, and she knows she has our love even through all of the sickness she has gone through.

I can say I am amazed daily by these two sweethearts, they bring our family and those around us nothing but joy.  Every bit of stress that we went through to go get these two was completely worth it.  We are loving life and cant wait to see what the next 5 months bring.  I have watched as these two with proper love, and nourishment have blossomed.