Saturday, January 28, 2012

Okay, I know that many of our friends and family might think we have gone nuts here.  What are you guys doing you have four kids and adopting two with special needs???  This seems to be the theme of conversations that we have encountered.  Or we are concerned that you might be taking on too much, or have you considered the fact that you may never be childless the rest of your life, or how are you going to pay to raise six children?
Well, honestly we were only going to go get Nellie in the beginning, and than other adoptive families told us that we should put two on the paperwork just in case we changed our minds.  So that was the start, the beginning to the possibility of bringing home two girls.  When I asked rr about who was available for adoption with Nellie they gave me a list of children.  Right away immediately Katelyn was staring me in the face.  In her photo she looks so frightened.  I just wanted to scoop her up and tell her everything would be okay.  We prayed and I often showed Dan her photo but neither of us were ready to say we were comfortable with the possibility of two girls.  Slowly though something changed, the worldly fears were still there but I felt like I was justifying them.  Slowly my heart felt full of love for this little girl and the Lord changed my heart.  I truly feel like this has been a time of spiritual growth in my life.  I am learning to be a better mother, a better wife, a better child, a better person, learning to be a person of light, in all situations.
To be honest at first I struggled with the possibility of raising 6 children.  I kept thinking in my head how can I do it?  When we first committed to Nellie, I kept reading blogs where families were adopting 2, 3, 4 kids at a time.  I to, wondered how they would handle it.  The thing is, I realized that if I am given 6 children to raise God will give me what I need to raise them.  I know that things won't always be easy, we aren't expecting easy.  We are going assuming the worst and hoping for the best.  These girls are worth change to our lives.  They have nothing, and the 163 million orphans in the world deserve what all the rest of us have.  They deserve stability, love, a mom and a dad, brothers, sisters, education, food, clothing, and homes.  They deserve to be wanted.  I often wonder why others thing that it is okay to just leave them there.  My answer to that is that maybe others just don't know the reality, but we just can't turn our heads away.  We see the need, and we have the ability to save two and that is what we are going to do.
I know many will say saving two won't change the situation, but friends if we all took a deep look at ourselves and did something to help orphans the whole would be a lot less.  I personally have had my eyes opened over the past several months where Christians in my life, could really care less about our family adopting or any other family adopting.  This so concerns me, we are the body of Christ and these children are the least of these, and we are called to help in some capacity.  This adoption isn't only our family ministry, it honestly should be a part of all of our ministries in some form.
So, here we are just a few months from traveling, and yes we still need over 10,000 that amount is the total for both girls. I know we will get there whatever it takes we will get there.  Just please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Beth,
    Congratulations! I am so excited to see you are rescuing sweet little Katelyn. I'm sure Nellie will benefit her whole life from havinga same-age sister to share all her experiences, from leaving the orphanage to starting school to special olympics to growing up and maybe someday sharing an apartment together. :)

    Don't worry, we're still out here praying for you guys and your little girls. And praying that many hearts will be changed when they see your girls come home and thrive! Believe it or not, your faithful witness is already changing lives. :)

  2. God blesses those who bless others, especially when we bless those who can give us nothing in return, except of course unconditional love!
    Bless you, Beth!

  3. YAY!!! I too have a hard time trying to understand that some of my Christian friends really are not at all interested in the fact that we have adopted Anya....I think they think we are crazy...yep, it is not easy; but we are being obedient to what God has called (commanded) us to do. Wasn't that for all of us???? Congratulations to your family and I cannot wait to see you with them.