Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fingerprints Today.

We are making the trip today to get our fingerprints done.  Please pray that they let us get them done early. Pray that they turn out.  Pray that I don't lose daycare kids for the lack of notice. Also looking for a nine passenger minivan, or SUV so maybe we will come home with something different maybe not.  I'm just not all that thrilled about buying a large van.  Were looking for something that would be about equal trade in for the minivan we have, so it might be a needle in a haystack.  If we get these done today, we have people hopefully expediting our case for immigration.  I think we would need a miracle to be summited by the 1st of February, but I do think maybe the 2nd week seems more realistic.  We are so close, I can't believe it. March here we come.  I'm ready for the next step in this process and that part is the best part meeting Nellie.


  1. Praying everything goes smoothly!!!! OMG Beth she's getting closer and closer!!!:)

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