Thursday, January 19, 2012

What an amazing Day.

First, we have been gone all day and it is now 2:00am and we have been home a few moments and I noticed our  FSP has gone up 75.00 dollars.  Who ever, donated to Nellie thank you so much.  It truly is amazing how the amount of money needed continues to dwindle.  10,675 left.

What an amazing day.  We left the house at 8:00am, and off to Omaha we went. We had two goals one get our fingerprints taken, two try to get a van that would accommode our soon to be bigger family. My husband and I had this huge debate on the way.  He thought trying to get in to get our fingerprints done was being pushy not bold.  Well, I think we were both a bit nervous but when we got there they took them with no questions asked.  We were in and out in 10 minutes.  Please pray that we get our paperwork back very quickly.  We are getting closer and closer everyday.  When this paperwork comes back we should be able to summit to Nellie's country within days.
So next we looked and looked at minivans and SUV's that had 9 seats.  I had this uneasy feeling on the drive because in my heart I didn't want to get rid of my minivan.  I like it, it's comfortable.  I feel like I fit in with all the other moms.  I mean who doesn't have a minivan when you pull up to soccer practice.  I tried to soothe myself saying well other moms show up in SUV's.  The goal was to get something that was about an even trade with our van that had 9 seats instead of 7.  We couldn't make a decision mostly because I wanted to go home with my van.
Then one of the places pulled up the report on our van and  it had been in a major wreck and it had major work that had been done to it.  They told us that the airbags had been deployed.  I literary was sick to my stomach because we have never had any kind of accident with it.  We bought the van in 2007 when it was only two years old.  We bought it local, at the Chrysler dealership.  No one ever told us that the van had been in a major accident.  I no longer had the need to hold on to my minivan that I loved dearly.

As we were looking we started to notice the price difference between an SUV and a full size van.  The full size vans had way more seating and were way cheaper.  It really took me most of the day to give up the idea of driving my minivan and then even longer to give up on the SUV.  Needless to say, we ended up trading in my  minivan for a 11 passanger full size van.  It is functional, it is spacey, it makes sense, it hasn't ever been in a wreck, it also is not pretty, and it is huge.  I'm not complaining here.  I kind of had an all day plea to keep stuff that doesn't matter.  I mean really come on, was I actually trying to cling to a vehicle.  So I left with a new appreciation for letting go of the things that really don't matter.  What matters is having a safe vehicle for my family, and enough room for everyone to sit.  We are so blessed that we have a vehicle at all.   We are so blessed, and it truly doesn't matter what it looks like.  Thank you Lord for providing for our needs, and for humbling my heart to realize that it isn't all about me, yet again.


  1. LOVE THE VAN!!! A friend of mine who has 13 kids drives on just like it. We call it THE GREAT WHITE. Everyone loves it. You're going to love it!!
    Plus now you have room for more, lol

    So glad the fingerprints went well! I prayed for it to go smoothly and for nice people to be working.

  2. Beth, I've read your blog!! So touching, also I sent you a message via facebook. I'm interested in having a coupon class in Holdrege. I'm new to blogging, not sure how it works, so if you could reply to my message on facebook that would be awesome!! I figured you follow your blog more than fb, so I decided to leave a comment hear also. Since we are not fb friends my message might of went to your "other" file in messages, so check there as well. I look forward to hearing from you!!

  3. Love the van..... PS: Did you see on RR Michelle from Nellie's orphanage has found a mama & papa?? Praise God things are moving quickly for you.

  4. Yay for everything! Next time you guys come to Omaha we'd love to meet for coffee or something. NE RR families are so rare. :)

    ~Amy (Heidi's Momma)

  5. If your ever going through Kearney Amy there are several of us. Actually, soon to be six families around Kearney that are RR families. Would love to meet you.