Sunday, April 24, 2016

So Sorry, It has been so long!!!!!

I'm not even sure what to say it has been so long.  I remember thinking that I wouldn't be that parent.  I wouldn't be the one that once my kids were adopted I would go silent.  But the thing is, life happens, life gets hard,  and suddenly spending time writing blogs becomes the last thing on the list of things to do during the day.  So today I figured a quick update was better than no update.

Bella is growing and learning so much.  She now has a communication device and knows a ton of signs.  She communicates and interacts, and completely tells us how she is feeling.  She is so dramatic and hard headed.  She loves to swing, and spend time at the park.  She loves school, food, and family.   She is a snugly sweetheart.

Gracie is the most joyful child I have ever met.  She lights up the room when she walks in.  She had a long road to recovery, but we are getting there.  She has had many many doctors appointments over the last few years, and we continue finding ways to help her communicate.  She loves the sun, has favorite toys, interacts with people, and knows she is loved.  She is learning daily, and has even started saying sounds, we are hopeful that one day she will talk.  Even if she doesn't we love her where she is at, and for all that she is.

Last time I wrote, we were headed back to Ukraine to adopt again.  Plans changed and we actually are almost finished with an adoption through foster care.  Gideon has been in our home for almost a year and hopefully we will be headed to Kansas to finish up his adoption within the next month.  Because of the nature of Gideon coming from foster care I really can not give any details until his adoption is finalized.  He is a blessed addition to our family. 

On another note, I'm planning on blogging more often.  I will be changing up the site, and posting educational things that I am doing to help my children learn. Having three children who have multiple disabilities has been challenging to find services that do a great job of teaching. Things like tactile books, position boards, tactile schedules, and story boxes.  Teaching tools that teach to the varying strengths of my kiddos.    So stay tuned.