Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay, I'm coming to you guys to ask for help.  If you could please take ten minutes and post our contest on face book, on local boards, on twitter, on your blogs and get the word out. I really don't like asking, I know there are so many other families that need help.  I so don't deserve the help but these precious babies do.  We are only a few months away and still need so much more.  I truly have watched as the Lord has proved for us and am waiting to see how he walks us through this next step.  I'm so grateful that you all have opened your hearts and prayed for us through this.  I truly feel loved by so many of you.  I see your passion for orphans and I see your passion for Nellie.
Truly I was hoping that this baby contest would work. I know people are looking because we have almost 60 people liking our face book page.  Wouldn't it be awesome if we could get 60 people to actually post photos of there beautiful babies.  I know this is a good idea it is just about getting it out there for people to see.  I have 38 people that follow my blog and I know that if each one of you helped us we could have a lot more people reading about this fundraiser.
I'm hopeful that we will get there. These babies are my heart.


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  3. I hope that you will also be deleting the other post also.

    On to more important things. I did enter Ellis Anne in the contest, but I can't figure out how to download her picture on the FB page. Can you email me at

    Stephanie Lynch

  4. Her photo is there, and she is so beautiful.