Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pray for Boldness

It is a much better day here.  In fact I am getting ready to call a senator to talk about expediting our adoption process with USCIS.  I'm working on being bold.  I'm not a bold person, I'm more of a sit in the background and watch type person.  I'm a spend the day with my kids kinda girl.  So today's boldness involved going to the clinic to see if our medicals were done yet.  No, there not but I'm getting better at asking. Patience is definitely a virtue that I am learning well. Called USCIS to talk to worker, about getting Sherry an appointment.  No, they are not open today, not sure why.  They must take 2 days off for a holiday.  Now to call a senator, this is so out of my comfort zone, but here I go.  Will, let you know how it all goes.

Also, getting ready to start my taxes, as I need my 2012 finished to summit.   to Eastern Europe. Oh, the pressure.


  1. I'm not bold either, so you know how you feel!

    Praying for you to be BOLD!!:)


  2. In the mail today came Sherry's appointment, yeah. Talked to a senator and they seemed supportive to help. I just need to fax them some information. Thanks for the prayers.

  3. Oh I struggle with the same thing. Thank God for my husband. It's amazing how the boldness comes when it is something you absolutely believe in and know is right. He's just training you now for when you get over there :)