Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We have a date, we need to be in country on November 5th.  We have plane tickets and will be leaving on the 2nd.  Things are starting to fall into place. I never thought this day would come, it almost feels like a dream.  So much has been thrown at us, and it feels good to know we persevered, we made it through even when there was little to no chance that we would. The Lord held my hand down a road that was painful, and asked me to do nothing but to have faith in Him.  Yet, he opened the doors to allow us to go back down this road.   I am so completely blessed to be here now. One last thing standing in the way of me and the girls.   Please please share our need. I would be lying if  I suggested I wasn't concerned.  I'm concerned.  But while being concerned I know it will work itself out. I have no more fundraisers nothing, nothing left.  After readjusting what we need to be fully funded we still need 4475.00 in 15 days.  That is 298.00 a day.  I hold on to faith to get us through this as our tickets are here, our bags are packed and we are  so so ready to bring home the girls.  They have waited so long.  While in country I will be updating on a group on facebook.  If you would like to be included in that group let me know.  It will tell of our journey, and have photos.  I will leave you with recent pictures of them now.  I humbly ask you to please pray, share, and donate to help them come home.