Saturday, January 21, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

Our minds are such amazing gifts.  It so awesome how moments stay with you and surface when it is important.  Tonight I had a wonderful memory.  When Dan and I were young, Bob Carlisle had a hit that played a lot on christian radio, Butterfly Kisses. I would blare it in my car and shout out butterfly kisses after bedtime prayers, putting little white flowers all up in her hair. This song to me was personal. I remember one day the song came on and we were about to my house.  So we sat in the driveway and I finished singing the song.  Dan was staring at me, and all of a sudden he had tears in his eyes.  We shared a beautiful wordless moment.  I think he was mourning for me as I didn't have a father in my life, and it made him sad to here the words of the song and to know that I went without the love of an earthy Dad. He was right, I longed for that connection with a father.

How precious that I get to see this song in a new light.  I get to think about my husband and the bond that he is going to have with his little girl.  How blessed I am, can't wait for the moment that we meet.  I know that moment will also have a lasting affect on our lives, one that we will remember when we are old and gray.  One that will have impact on our testimony, and one that we will tell her over and over.

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