Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

The last two days have been very full with our garage sale.  I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who donated items, and for those that stopped by to support our family.  It was awesome,  first thing Friday morning our tables were heaping piles of  donated items.  I really couldn't believe how much stuff people blessed our family with for this sale.  Your generosity will not be forgotten.  We raised over 600.00 and are so grateful to all who played a part in that.

Towards the end of today, as I was packing up the leftovers, I met a women who gave me some perspective.  This lady walked up and I told her if there was anything she wanted she could just have it.  The lady whom I don't even know her name started chatting with me.  She told me her story,  her heartaches, and the struggles of her life.   We chatted and I very zealously told her about Miss Nellie.  After we talked a few other people came and my attention was diverted. This woman hung around for about an hour, looking through my stuff.  As she was about ready to leave she came over to me and handed me a five dollar bill, put it in my hand and said bless you, go get that little girl.  From our conversation I knew that money was one of her struggles and I tried to protest and not take it, but she looked me in the eye with a smile on her face and said I want you to have it.  You are doing a good thing.  This one women's heart touched me so much, she was sincerely generous, and joyous about giving to help bring Nellie home.  She gave, to us and I am truly humbled.  Thanking my Lord for all he has and continues to provide for me?  I am truly blessed because of God's grace.   Thankful, that He is a faithful.  Thankful, that he has chosen us to be Nellie's family.  Thankful for all of the people that are so supportive of our journey.  Thankful for his Love for me.  My heart is overjoyed and thankful today.  Thank you


  1. Bless that woman!! How God puts people in our path, just the ones we need when we need them!

    can i take a picture of your family and add it to my post?

  2. yes, take a photo. Thanks, for wanting to help us.