Monday, September 5, 2011

First Home Visit

Tomorrow is the day of our first home visit.  Please pray that it goes smoothly.  I have all these different scenarios in my head of what could go wrong.  Our social worker said that I could have daycare tomorrow so my helper will be here with my daycare kiddos.  She said it was fine as long as there were few interruptions.  So in my head I wonder if tomorrow is the day the licencing lady will stop by, or the food program lady as they make unannounced visits.  Now since we just moved this is something that is potential,  I'm praying that my worst case scenario doesn't become my reality.  Also, sw will be here at 12:30 until 2:30 and Dan has an interview for a night position at his job at 2:30.  So things need to go smoothly so he can leave right away and get to that interview.
I have no idea what to expect, but hoping for the best.

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  1. We are sending prayers and good thoughts your way. We were so nervous for ours but it was easy peasy. Yours will be the same, I'm sure :)