Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fundraiser disaster

Our family and fundraisers equals disasters. The boys have been selling cookie dough for a bit over a month. Yesterday the boys tried once again to sell a few more and what happened was a disaster. They called several blocks away from home because Caleb was having an asthma attack. Caleb is fine. Dan hopped in the van and went and gave him his inhaler, and at that point they noticed two sheets full of names and orders were missing. They were just gone. They retraced there steps and these sheets were just gone. So I went with them to see if I could find them, and I was a bit frantic. My head couldn't help but think about all those families who ordered from us and that sheet was the only way to know who they were. Then I was was like why did I send them with those sheets without first making copies, umm this is all my fault. So, today the day before we are to turn in the order forms, the boys and Dan decided to go door to door to tell people what happened and to ask if they had ordered cookie dough. We felt quite defeated but this was the only thing left to do. Could we possibly find all the people who ordered. So after several hours they came home and showed me what they came up with. Could it really be the amount we were missing?? YES So assuming that everyone was telling the truth we have all of the orders accounted for. How amazing is that.

Coming soon my, new idea for a fundraiser.

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