Friday, September 2, 2011

Hokey, I really don't want to go there.

Yes, I was told tonight that I was having some hokey ideas.  Ck, so I can say yes they were kind of corny.  My dear husband came home from work to here me go on and on about some corny ideas for fundraisers.  My first response to him was well they weren't my ideas that they were in fact other peoples suggestions.  I am so at a loss of fundraiser ideas that I was half tempted to try some of these hokey ideas.  I am so glad that the Lord gave me Dan.  He grounds me, I have a tendency to get carried away with things as he just sits back and is chill about the whole situation.  I think this process for him has just been go with the flow, if it is God's will then it will happen. Faith, maybe he is just abundantly overflowing with it. Me on the other hand, so often I have to catch myself, because I think I can do it myself.  Oh then I here the gentle voice that says Beth you are not in control.  Yet again, I am reminded that yes Lord I can surrender this to you also.  My faith will rest in your power and not my own.  I just have to say maybe I am a slow learner who knows, I just like to think of myself as a work in progress.

So anyways, as far as paperwork goes I am feeling like I am in the middle of ten things at once.
Fingerprints are in the mail to the state patrol.
First round of RR paperwork has all been notarized correctly after the 4th time, and is in the mail to the secretary of state to be apostilled.
Passport photos on mind and hopefully taken this weekend.
Processing the next round of RR paperwork.
Working on stuff for the homestudy.
Social Worker visit Tuesday, so hopefully I can make the house not look like we just moved in a little over 2 weeks ago.
Garage Sale fundraiser on Friday and Saturday of next week, so the garage needs organized, as people keep bringing stuff over for us to sell.  (Which is such a blessing)
Baking needs done for garage sale.
School will start Monday no matter what.

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  1. Sounds like you're off and running to a great start!!
    I am so beyond grateful for you and your family for loving Nellie! I cannot wait to see her in your arms!
    I didn't forget about the post I said I'd write on my blog, we just lost electricity for a few days thanks to Irene and school was delayed. They go back tomorrow so fingers crossed things get on a schedule again.