Friday, September 23, 2011

Good news and not so good news

All necessary paperwork was found nicely labeled in file folder in filing cabinet. I will attempt again and send paperwork first thing in the morning.

Dan's passport came in the mail today. Yeah. The not so good news mine didn't. I got a letter saying that my birth certificate doesn't prove citizenship. I was born in Naples, Italy, on a Navy base. We moved to upstate New York when I was an infant. They are asking for all this information to send, so I called my Mom. She told me I needed all that information when I started college and gave it to me then. So tonight I will be hunting through the filing cabinet looking for paperwork that proves that I am a citizen of the United States. Hopefully, I find it.

On another note, I bought something for Nellie today. I was in target and they had all there kids bedding sets 75% off. 75% off or more is the only time I ever buy anything. So I bought a cute girly seven piece comforter set for her bed, for 14.98. I can't pass up a good deal. Now, I can't stop thinking about her bedroom and wall colors and her decked out in pink. Man I hope she likes pink. Maybe this is just my opinion but when you have four boys and you then have a daughter everything needs to be pink. Pretty dresses and bows, I can already envision her.

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