Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still no date, praying for Monday.  We should be part of the next group, there are only 5 of us left that need dates.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  I find it interesting that even though special needs has been on my heart for years, that I have a degree in special education, that we have Sherry who has down syndrome living with us,I have never heard of this day before.  About a month ago a lady that I have become friends with, she is the head of the Down Syndrome Support group in our community she told me about this day.  In fact our fundraiser on Sunday is to help celebrate this day.  This day forever more will not go unnoticed in our home.  It is so amazing to see the support for those who have children with Down Syndrome in our community.  I am so blessed to see that 104 people have signed up to come walk in our Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk.  Even though I continue to say how hard this process has been for us, there is no way I could have made it without all of the new people the Lord has brought into my life, they have helped so much.
I long to hold those girls in my arms.  I know the day is coming but the wait is getting hard, the financial part is getting close to being needed and we are still short 6500.  My blog has to be closed until we are home with our newest members of our family and I am at a loss for what I am supposed to do.  So here it is I have finally given it up, ok God you are in control here there is nothing else that I can physically do to raise the last amount that keeps us from getting to the girls.  It is all up to Him and I am weary yet excited to see how He will provide.  My faith I tell you has grown leaps and bounds over the last 8 months, I have done thing that I never could have done before to get these girls.  A few days ago I was ready to jump off from mountain tops all by myself if obstacles stood in our way.  Then I remember again that every single moment of this has a purpose.  I have to continue to know that the Lord can carry me through those obstacles and in the end I find myself drawn closer to Him.   I think in one of my first blog posts I suggested that God would stretch me in ways I had no clue about.  Yes friends he has done that in so many ways.

So here I am with a handful of reader, I an asking you to please shout from the rooftops about our adoption.  I have nothing left to entice you to help except my profound plea that these girls are worth having a family.   They are worth having someone to love them.  They are worth so much more than what they have been given which  is a ticket to a mental institution which is coming very soon.  Please continue to pray, for the last leg of this process.  I am expectantly praying that next year when we have our step up for Down Syndrome walk that two special little girls will be right by my side as we proudly show the world how worth it they really are.

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