Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Only a week left to donate to our Balloon Release, please share.

In honor of World Down Syndrome day on March 21st, we are having a "STEP UP FOR DOWNS DAY"  event in Kearney on Sunday the 25th of March from 1-3pm, First United Methodist Church 4500 Linden Drive, Kearney NE.  This day is not only about our family adopting but about getting out awareness to our community about down syndrome.  If you aren't far please come and support us.  Please contact me if you would like flyers to sponsor walkers.  

As you all know there is another special family in our community getting ready to adopt sweet Atrem.  There family along with several others are helping to make this event happen.  So this fundraiser is for both of our families, as we will be bringing home three sweet children home into our community soon.  They will grow up together.  It brings tears to my eyes knowing that our town not only loves orphans but loves orphans with special needs.  The Lord knew what he was doing when he put these precious children on my heart.  I rejoice in knowing that I have a community full of people who will love my children.  I rejoice in knowing that there are a handful of special women out there so liked minded as me.  I met Atrems sweet mama the other day and can hardly believe it when I heard her talk.  She desperately has a heart just like mine to just love these little ones so much.  When I here her talk, I here myself talk, it is just so amazing.  

Friends I'm here to plead for help, our paperwork will be sent in days.  We will be traveling soon.  More than likely the beginning of April and we are trusting that the last 10,000 will come in.  Seeing my babies for Easter how perfect is that? What you, my online friends can do to help.  Be a part of our special day by buying a balloon. 
What my online friends can do.
BALLOON RELEASE  The funds from this event will help us bring home our girls.  This event will have a special spot in my heart because these balloons will hold information about rr, and children waiting  for there forever  famililes.  It is easy really.  Put 10.00 in the chip in for the balloon release for each balloon purchase and tell me which child you want to sponsor.  Any child on RR without a family.  Your 10.00 will buy a balloon and attached will be information about rr, and a plea to help orphans with a photo and information about your chosen child. 

Make sure you leave a comment here telling me who you are, and which child you want to sponsor.

 Then in March , I will upload a video of the event for everyone to see.
GIVEAWAY will take place the day of the balloon release, everyone who bought a balloon will be entered, each balloon bought is one entry in the giveaway.  Also, if you share this fundraiser let me know and I will put your name in the drawing each time you share.  When you put money in the chip in please note that it isn't tax deductible.  (If you need it to be please donate to the fsp for a balloon please let me know as I don't know who donates or how much).

Prize #1  100.00 giftcard to Walmart

Prize # 2 100.00 giftcard to Target

Prize #3  A Vera Bradley bag.

 Prize #4
There is one for each month and then one with a cupcake for birthday. 

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