Wednesday, December 21, 2011


First off, I just wanted to say thank-you to all of you who donated to Artem's fund this week. Thank you for praying for him.  I have the wonderful opportunity to spend time with his mamma sometime during the Christmas break.  I can't wait to here her story of how she came to know that Artem was to be part of her family. I have only met her once and only had a few short moments to talk with her.  I just know that we will have lots to talk about.  Thank you for being concerned about these babies and loving them as much as we do.  We couldn't go through this process without all of your support.

The chip in didn't get to 100.00 yesterday, but it did today and I am truly grateful. So I am going to go ahead and give out the two extra gifts. You can check them out on yesterday's page.

Brian M  Winner of    Let's Rock Elmo

Theresa M  Winner of Crayola items

Richard R  Winner of Fab Snap Wristlet and accessories

Glen K   Winner of Leapfrog Junior

Amanda B.  Winner of U Build games

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  1. Thank you, please save my prize for a future giveaway. Merry Christmas!