Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's all starting to come together.  USCIS has received our paperwork and we should get a date in the mail in about a week or so.  As soon as we have the paper we will be traveling to see if we can get our fingerprints sooner.  The sooner we are approved the sooner we can summit our dossier.  Praying that we get approved quickly.

Today, I found out that Dan can take up to 12 weeks off from work to complete our adoption.  This leave time can start as soon as we leave the country. This is great news I wondered at some points weather or not he would have a job when we came back.  This is one more stressor that has been wiped off from our plates.
I'm actually starting to mentally think about things that we are going to need to pack to take with us.  The list is getting more and more extensive. I'm dreaming about all the advice others have been giving me and writing a list so I don't forget.  It all seems so real.  I assume that means we are getting close.  Today I actually looked at little girl clothes like I was going to buy some.  

So the adoption is proceeding, however my finesse of fundraising is not.  My head is trying to come up with what it is that I'm going to do next.  The date to traveling is coming oh so soon, but the funding is taking so long.  We still need about 12,000.  So if any of you great fundraisers have any ideas for me let me know.  I would rather go through 10 times as much paperwork then sit and come up with some way to entice people to donate to our adoption.  Asking money from others is hard, really I would rather have every single hair on my head yanked out.  I know we will get there eventually.  Thank you all who have helped thus far,  we are more than half way there.  Thank you for all the prayers through the high and lows of this process.  Thanks for listening to me when I'm in tears, when I'm stressed, when I'm tired, when I have had enough, and when I have been joyously happy.  You all help keep me going, I wouldn't get there without your support.  Truly, thank you.

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  1. Hey Beth! It's Rebekah from Yes to Adoption. Have you tried Show Hope,or Abba Fund? They also offer grants and no-interest loans for adoptive families.