Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh my, today my head is consumed with orphans.  I just can't understand how some of these children get overlooked to be adopted. Really, how do they become 3, 4, and 5 years old with no one to love them.  How does the unimaginable happen, how come they get transferred??  It just boggles my mind when others say I understand adopting but why a child with special needs.To me that insinuates that they don't deserve families of there own.  I really just want to say are you kidding me, why not? Seriously why not?  It just is heartbreaking to know that, just because it seems that in our life these kids rank a step lower than everyone else.  How did that happen, why does it seem that there life is less important then ours? This isn't just a problem somewhere across the ocean, this problem is everywhere. Frankly, I just don't get it.  The fact is I don't have to get it, I don't have to understand how we as a society got this way, I don't have to understand what the dividing line between normal and abnormal is.  It is the way our world is.  But, I am called to love and care for the least of these.
So today my is heart breaking for those that are transferred or who are about to become transferred.  I feel like this is there last shot at becoming adopted.  There last opportunity to find a family to love them and to break the cycle of our world. Love a child that others deem to be unlovable.  One last little tiny glimmer of hope.  They need someone to step forward and say yes I too don't understand why but I too can help change the mindset of our world. I can take one or two or three home to love.  


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  2. "I am called to love and care for the least of these..." AMEN SISTER!! Our son with CP is the BIGGEST BLESSING and GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT from God! Our son we are bringing home from Eastern Europe, who also has CP, is also the BIGGEST BLESSING and GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT from God! We are fortunate that we will be traveling soon to bring our little beloved home- Praise God! No more orphanage, no more thoughts of our little boy wasting away in a mental institution- which he was facing. We are ever so thankful that our orphanage director was able to hold on to him and wait for us. I'll be praying for you in your journey!! Blessings!