Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fundraiser updates

I know I keep closing my blog and reopening it.  Fear sort of took over my brain for a few days.  I just had a good dose of wake up Beth, God has this handled.  So, here I go trudging along trying to remember that He is King, and he has it handled.  

So I just have to say, Artem has a family so close to committing to him.  When I say close I mean so very close.  This giveaway is done next week so please donate!


There is a family ready to commit to Artem K.  The best part for me is that they are in my community.  I can already see play dates in our future.  Nellie and Artem could be great friends.  Here's the deal.  They are having trouble coming up with the commitment money.  So all money that comes in from this fundraiser will go to this wonderful family so they can commit.  Drawing will be December 21st, lets help this family commit to him before Christmas.  Please donate to his chip in for this giveaway.

We are fond of Crayola products in our house.   So our next giveaway, is a basket full of wonderful goodies all made by Crayola.  

3.00 = 1 entry
5.00 = 5 entries
10.00 = 15 entries

1 entry for posting on your blog.  Just comment to let me know that you have shared on your blog.


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  1. Beth I donated 10.00 not sure if you want comments on that.I put it on FB and blogged!
    Praying it helps!!

    BTW, the book you sent is awesome!!!!! I just love it. So needed a good book and this was just it.