Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh my!!!! Thank You, ThankYou, ThankYou!!!!

I went late last night to look at my blog and looked at Nellie's account and there was an extra 500.00 in it.  Oh my, you can ask Dan, I was so excited I felt like doing cart wheels in the house.  Whoever donated this money thank you so much.  Because you donated through reeces rainbow, I do not know who donated.  If you want to be in the drawing for the giveaway, let me know and I will put you in it.  This 500.00 ends the giveaway and prizes will be drawn sometime Monday or Tuesday.  Stay tuned to find out winners.  God is so good.

On another note if you have been waiting for magnets, they are in envelopes and ready to be mailed.  Thanks for being so patient with me, I didn't forget.  Life sometimes gets busy but I promise they are on there way.


  1. WOO HOO!!!! $500.00 that's amazing!!!!!!

  2. How awesome!! However, I am lame - and did not get around to ever donating to your fund! Be sure to let me know when your next fundraiser will be...I'll try to be less lame! :) I need to update you on where we're at in our process....I'll send you a message soon! :)