Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nellie is five today.

Today should be balloons, family, and celebration. I have been avoiding today emotionally, it is just so hard. Today Nellie is 5. We won't have her home this year to celebrate, and that is heart breaking. But I can rejoice in knowing that this will be the last time she will be alone with no birthday celebration. We are praying that she stays in that orphanage until we get to her. There are a huge amount of people praying for us and praying for her and I take comfort in that. I truly appreciate the prayers. Thank you all so much.

I think we can celebrate Nellie in a big way today. I want to ask all our friends, family, people we don't know, to donate to our chip in. Please help make it possible for Nellie to know the love of family. Please tell everyone you know about little Nellie and to consider giving a donation today. Remember our fundraiser is still going.


  1. Happy happy 5th birthday to Nellie!! I can't wait for you to celebrate with her next year!! :)

  2. I saw your comment on Jennifer's blog...I asked Andrea if someone had committed to Artem, and she said someone had inquired, but she hasn't heard back from the agency yet, as to whether they are going to commit. SO ...I am hoping if it is your friends looking into ArtemK (because there are two Artems on RR) that they truly are serious!!

  3. Praying that sweet Nellie has a happy birthday today! I know it's a sad day for you guys in many ways, but I am just so glad she got a family before her 5th birthday. A few months ago that was my prayer for her and it really happened. Wish she could be home for Christmas, but maybe she will be home in time for Easter, and flowers blooming. I would love to see Nellie picking flowers and hunting for Easter eggs this spring. :)

  4. I have been thinking about Nellie all day. I posted in the cause i started for Nellie, called Help Bring Nellie Home, about her birthday and fundraiser. I couldn't post on my blog, sorry. I really wanted to but for some reason I was avoiding it.I'm not usually like that but today I just could not write about Miss Nellie's birthday. My Aunts birthday is today also and I miss her so much, she died a couple of years ago, and that was one of the things that caught my eye about Nellie.She shares a birthday with someone so special to me. I just know she's watching over Nellie.

    Next year, let's think about next year!

    I'm here if you need anything! OK? As always I'll do whatever I can to help.

    And ignore those psychos that leave nasty comments! i cannot tolerate ignorance. You just don't pay any attention to them. There's enough of us to hold you up when they try to bring you down.

  5. Happy birthday, Nellie! I just donated a little to try to get you home to your forever family, and I am sharing on facebook.


    Rosemary Marshall