Friday, November 25, 2011


As the holidays near, I find myself content.  Learning to trust God in his timing with Nellie.  Knowing that He is taking care of her until I can wrap my arms around her. Overwhelmingly thankful for how God weaves together stories perfectly.  I thank Him for Nellie's story before it  is even complete, I know that these months leading up to her adoption will be ingrained in my head and  will be close to my heart forever.  Even in the weariness of it all, I wouldn't change a moment of it because in the end we will have Nellie home.  This is the way it works with adoption, I have been reading many many adoption stories, and our story sounds  familiar to so many others.

 I haven't talked much about paperwork lately because we were at a stand still.  Please pray with us that we will have our home study sometime this week or next, and can send off  to USCIS soon.  Now that we have almost overcome the home study, we can look on to the next step.  The next step, my goal is to send over our dossier and have it there in hand when the country open backs up.  The part that I am not so confident about is the money.   So, now is the time that we really focus on making sure everything is in check so that we can get to Nellie as soon as possible.  We really need your help with the funding.

I am calling out, that I need help with the fundraiser.  I am hoping that I hit the 1000.00 mark before I draw for winners. Friends for this giveaway that is a little under 500.00.  I know we can do it.   So please let others know.  Money is now starting to be our biggest obstacle.  Please post and tell others about her story, the story that Nellie has a family and her family is working so hard to go get her.  Tell others about the life that orphans live in these countries, share, and pray that in the next few months that it comes together.  Pray expectantly,  that He will move mountains on her behalf.  He is so good, and my faith in Him  gets me through the daily ups and downs.

5.00= 1 entry
20.00 = 5 entries
30.00 = 10 entries

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