Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas wreaths

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would sell rag wreaths for Nellie.  If anyone is interested in buying one comment which one you would like and put 35.00 in the chip in.  I can make these in many different color so if the colors here aren't what you would like let me know I can make them anyway you would like.  These are great, the photos make them look a bit  uneven but that's just the way the fabric landed all you have to do is re fluff  the way you like.

1. 12 inch wreath 30.00 plus 5.00 shipping

                                      2. 12 in wreath 30.00 plus 5.00 shipping

                                      3. 12 inch wreath 30.00 plus 5.00 shipping


  1. Just bought a wreath!!! I love these, they are beautiful. wreaths are my weakness. But can you pick one for me?? I've been looking at them since yesterday and can't decide. so surprise me. This is going to be my special one! The one Nellie's mama made!!! YAY!

  2. btw, my address should show up on your paypal account but if not let me know