Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our house has been extremely sick.  Last week three of my boys had the stomach bug as well as several daycare kiddos.  A week went by and yesterday I was sick all day. There is nothing like feeling icky all day on a weekend.  I made it through, and the boys liked having extra time on the computer as I laid feeling like there was going to be no end to my misery.  Then at last I felt better, yet now it's Sunday night and I have a whole house to disinfect before tomorrow morning.

I have wanting to say how well our fundraisers went.  I have had two couponing classes with another one in a few weeks.  We also had the fashion show down town.  We made a total of 550.00  Thanks you all for help.  We are getting there slowly but surely.  Still willing to travel all over Nebraska for a coupon presentation, so if you would like us to come just let me know.

Online giveaway drawing will be soon. Donate for a chance to win.

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