Friday, November 11, 2011

In Nellie's country they just have reorganized the adoption process. Several parts of our paperwork needs to be redone. Money that was already spent needs to be spent again. This is crazy and affects a number of other families that haven't already submitted paperwork. The part I am dreading is contacting our doctors again. They made it pretty clear that they didn't think that this paperwork was something that they needed to be bothered with, and after taking the documents to them over and over again. Here we go again. The interesting thing is I am not anxious about it, this is new to me. I cling to Philippians 4 6-7, Do not be anxious about anything, but with pray and petition make your requests known to God. My heart is at peace, and I know that we are capable of redoing the paperwork, it's inconvenient and not fun, but Nellie is worth so much more than a few sheets of paper that need to be redone.

I think about her constantly. But I don't only think about her, I think about all the others that are still on Reeces Rainbow, and know that there are tons of others not pictured. I pray for these kids constantly, and rejoice when a few get families. I cry tears of thankfulness when I see the one that so broke my heart little Julia, weighing in 6 months after being home at almost double her weight. I am so thankful that others are listening to the call. I know this is a difficult road but I wouldn't change it for anything. Bring on the messed up paperwork, the lack of funding, and all the hurdles that seem to be in our way. I am on a mission and won't stop until she is home.


  1. Donated for Nellie today. It was only $15.00, but I hope it helps. This sweet girl has been on my heart a long time. I hope you all can get to her soon!

  2. Elissa, thanks for the donation. 15.00 is not a little gift. We apprecaite it so much, thank you for loving my girl.

  3. That's it Beth keep that attitude! We won't stop til Miss Nellie is home with you either! Praying things go smoothly with the doctors, I've heard they can be little stinkers.