Sunday, November 13, 2011

A House Full.....

A long time ago, while I was dating my husband I worked with children who had disabilities to help pay for my college education. The other night I was reminded of a conversation that Dan and I had then oh 14 years ago. I was so passionate about many things in my life at that young age, but my main goal at that point was to be a elementary teacher, I wanted to teach kids with disabilities. What I remember saying to Dan was that one day I hoped to have a house full of people with special needs living with us. Yes, I said this to him. Tonight, I asked him if he remembered that conversation, he looked up at me and smiled. He remembered.

I just smile as I look at this new season, this new direction of our life's. A house full I said. People with needs, children that are different this is so my comfort zone. I am a home body, I feel comfortable in my home with my kids, with Sherry, with our family. When I learned of the urgency of these children with disabilities in orphanages, it just seemed to make sense, it was right up my alley, in my comfort zone. Yes, Lord I can do this. Didn't seem to be any sacrifice there for me at all, I wanted to go. I was ready. It was quick, and easy to commit to Nellie. But, then that's where it got hard. Oh, that was when things flipped that was when I figured out I was completely out of my comfort zone. Overwhelming amounts of paperwork, spending time in a country that doesn't speak English, going once without my husband, fundraising, having others think we are crazy and say some not so nice things, for having no control of what lays ahead, and speaking in public about orphans. These are just a few of the thinks at the moment that I can think of. But, I can say Yes Lord, to all these things too. Ah, having Nellie home and taking care of her needs and loving her that is going to be the easy part. That is the part that is comfortable. These other unknowns are the difficult things, I knew that great things were in store for me during all of this. I serve an awesome God, and what ever the circumstance I give all parts that are hard to Him. He will take care of it. So, the parts that seem to hard for me to handle, I realize I'm not in it alone He is walking with me every step of the way.

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  1. What a beautiful post! just beautiful. He is walking with you and clearing the way!!