Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why are we adopting? Why a child that has down syndrome?

When you have four boys, many people keep asking me why.  The simple truth is we feel  it is our calling.  We feel like God is calling us to bring home one special little girl.  Not only bring her home but to spread the word to others that there are millions of orphans that desperately need families.  A while ago I read the book, The Hole In Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns.  Which by the way is one of those life changing books at least it was for me.  He quoted Bob Pierce, who said, "Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."  Oh yes, those words are ingrained in my head and in my heart.  This is so personal for me, my heart is broken and I am so ready for our family to love on this little girl and to welcome her into our family.  So we say yes Lord, in obedience take us on this journey.  There are so many unknowns but I know that as long as we listen to Him, He will provide everything we need.

Now if any of you know me at all I already have a huge heart for those with special needs.  I started reading blogs a little over a year ago about these sweet sweet children, so many of them with down syndrome in orphanages half way around the world.  My heart breaks and aches for these children. Why pick a child with down syndrome?  It's simple because every child deseves to be loved no matter what.  It doesn't matter how developmentally delayed a child is or how severe their needs are.  I know that with love all children thrive, and grow, and are capable of learning.  

Just to let you know I finished my paperwork  for our home study.  I have checked the first thing off from my list.  I am finishing up our paperwork for our commitment to our little girl and by Friday I should be able to show you a photo.

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