Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meeting Neighbors.

What a humbling day it has been.  Our family just moved across town, in fact today is  our first real day here.  We have a few last things to move out of our other house but were here now.  Meeting neighbors has been very encouraging.  Yesterday a family was walking by and they yelled from across the street are you the family adopting a little girl with down syndrome.  I wasn't prepared, for how welcoming they were and how encouraging they would be about us adopting.  I guess I should have known that if my boys are going door to door selling cookie dough, and telling our story, that people are going to remember and ask about it.  It is just so humbling and overwhelming, I get ansy because I am so excited, but then struggle when I talk about it and people have no reaction especially those close to us.  I guess I understand that not everyone is going to get us and what the Lord has put on our hearts.  Anyways, just wanted to praise Him for neighbors who get us.

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