Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just One.

My concern when we knew we were going to adopt was how do I choose one child out of millions. I couldn't do it, I had no idea how. Good thing I didn't have too. The boys and I often go to Reece's rainbow and look at all the photos of kiddos. They will mention that this child is cute and often we would pray that the kids would find forever families. However, one day a few months ago we were scanning through photos and came to this one little girl, and my boys thought she looked like someone on some tv show. All four of them kept asking me if we could adopt her. They pleaded with me. They said, they would give there allowances to help bring her home, and they would help raise money anyway they could. It was really really sweet. My answer to them was perhaps she wasn't to be our child but lets pray that she finds a family. Well, at that point Dan and I were looking into adoption agencies. This one particular little girls photo went away and we were hoping that she found a family.
In the meantime we found an adoption agency and started going through initial paperwork to see which countries would be good matches for us. My heart sank a bit when we were told that Eastern Europe would probably not be a good match. So at this point we decided that we would send in paperwork for Haiti. For some reason things kept coming up and we didn't get the paperwork sent in for two months. We had health stuff come up, family stuff, and a move. So finally about a week ago I sent in the initial application to adopt from Haiti. Only to have the agency say before she could send it on we needed a letter from our physician stating a few things. (Which we still do not have) So the Haiti application never made it to the orphanage because we were drawn back to Reece's Rainbow, and the little girls photo that had been gone for a few months was now back. I immediately contacted Reece's Rainbow to see what had happened and to see if she was indeed available to be adopted. After several inquiries we were sure that we were to adopt her. Other people in the past have said that you just know when a child is right for your family. We know she is to be part of the Cole Clan. We are in the middle of filling out paperwork to commit to her. First thing tomorrow we will go get some paperwork notarized and send it in. At that point we will be committed to her, yeah. Then I think we can tell you who she is and show you a photo. So I can't wait to do that.

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