Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More photos of Nellie


  1. YEAH!! Sweet Nellie has a home. We adopted from her orphanage 9/09. I'm pretty sure we saw her then (only once) and very short but she was small when we did. My daughter was in her groupa.(also special needs). Please let me know if you would like any info about the city or orphanage. We found the director very nice and still email her. My email address is


  2. These are such cute pictures of your "little pumpkin". I was so happy to see Nellie on the MFFM page. Congratulations to your whole family. Beth, please don't worry about or listen to the sometimes less than supportive comments. You are on a wonderful and sometimes challenging journey, but this is where God has asked you to go. Be comforted in your, Yes, answer to his call.
    Best Wishes from another RR Mom,