Monday, August 15, 2011

When should we adopt.

Matthew West, One Less.

I have been ready to adopt for a while now. However, it was a bit more complicated for Dan. For him he wasn't against the idea, it was just something to do later. You know when the kids are older, when we are better off financially. He knew how I felt, and I just needed to wait until he was ready. So I prayed, daily. Anyways, a few months ago we went to a Matthew West concert in Kearney. During the concert Matthew West played the song One Less. We both sat during that song, and I just knew it was time. Afterward, we both just looked at each other and he said, He was ready. After the show, we watched this couple. They had five girls I think, and they were chasing after the cutest little boy ever. We were listening and watching them and they were talking to their friends about his adoption. Right there Dan and I just felt like it was right, we knew that the Lord was calling us to reach out and adopt a child into our family.

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