Friday, August 19, 2011

Always Amazed

I'm not sure why I'm always surprised. Yesterday, I posted a link to another blog post.  A little girl named Liliana desperately needed funding so that when a family steps forward to adopt her they don't need to worry about the financial part.  I am completely amazed that in 24 hours God's people have come together and completely funded her adoption.  For over a year I have been reading and watching stories just like hers.  First the funding comes through, then a family, and several months later you see blog posts of kiddos growing, thriving, and learning  in loving families.  How faithful, my God is.  I just sit here in awe of the one who created me.  So I will put my faith in Him and let Him guide my way on this new adventure in our life's.  It just doesn't seem like the words I give are enough to describe how wonderful, awesome, powerful, He really is.  I'm so overwhelmed and thankful for His love and kindness.
In case you miss it, you can read the post at

On another note we have gotten a bit further in the process.  However, I am waiting on one more piece of paperwork be be turned in by our social worker before I think I can put her photo up.  I was feeling really good at all I got finished this week.  However, I got a huge packet for our home study in the mail today.  Tons more work to do. My goal is to get it all finished by the end of the weekend.  Well all except our fingerprints.

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