Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yeah paperwork almost done

Okay, today was a great paperwork day. If I thought our home study would be done in time, I think we have everything else for our Dossier except USCIS approval. Anyone have suggestions about sending for USCIS approval without having the home study finished? Someone suggested we wait until our home study was done before sending in for USCIS approval. I know it will be at least a few more weeks before I have our finished home study in hand. I guess I am wondering if it might be possible to get this all worked out before the country closes.

SO the question is do I try and get it all done before the country closes or be one of the first with paperwork ready when they reopen.
I keep telling myself either way the outcome is bringing home Nellie, so it is a win win either way.

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  1. I sent in our application to USCIS before our homestudy was done, but I am not sure that helped at all. I have heard it does not and then they'll end up misplacing your homestudy or your app and then it takes even longer.