Friday, October 14, 2011

I have never been one that has really thought much about down syndrome awareness month, or national adoption month until this past year. You know I have always loved kids with special needs and always wanted to celebrate who they are but never gave much thought about advocating for these precious lives in such a specific way. In fact for such a long time I really had no idea about what kinds of circumstances these orphans lived in in other parts of the world. But once I heard there was no turning back, my heart was broken THe Lord's heart breaks for these orphans and so does mine. So, now as it seems to me that everywhere I go I become a broken record about these helpless children sitting in orphanages half way around the world. I defintantly tell Nellie's story over and over again. I think by telling the story over and over that maybe just one other families hearts will be broken by these children.

Okay, I keep having these up and down days. Who new how lonely this process was going to be. I am taking it all in stride and not letting it get me down. For one I never never expected that people would be against this. I completely don't understand. I don't have to understand but I pray that hearts are changed. I think that this is why I will never never stop advocating. After our Nellie is nestled in the midst of our family I want to make sure that I love and support other families that go through this process. I pray for those that are thinking about adoption to step out in faith and do it. I know the road isn't easy but it sooo worth it.

I will continue to be a broken record for these children, I will continue to ask others to advocate for these children, and I will always try to be a voice for children who have no voice.

We are ordinary people following a calling from God, and we are about to be blessed with the cutest bundle of joy.


  1. Please know that even though you don't know us we pray for your journey each and every night. God is wrapping his arms around and caring for Nellie until you arrive to love her yourself.

  2. Still praying for you all the way, Beth. When the naysayers see Nellie's life changed so profoundly, some hearts will change. Our country needs more people with Down Syndrome so badly! Your saving one precious little girl can help save many more, and change the hearts of many. :)

  3. Until we decided to start this journey of adoption, I'd never given it a lot of thought either. But, now even though I don't have a little one in my home yet, and we're just starting this process, I feel like it's my responsibility to speak up - and make sure people know about the horrific conditions these kids are "living" in. I'm not sure you can even call it living - more like existing.

    We're not as far in our process as you guys - just getting started really - but I have up and down days too. Some folks just don't understand why we would want to do this - and I wish I could make them understand it the way I do - that not only do I feel that it's right for us - but that God calls us to do this.