Monday, October 10, 2011

In His Hands

I can't help it but my heart is pounding at the thought that we are not going to have all of our paperwork in before November. What this means is we have to wait longer before we get to Nellie. I can't help but think what could I have done to make this process go faster, because each day is a day that she is not here. So in my mind I think well maybe I should have worked harder. Then I sit back and say wait a second she will be here at the exact moment she is supposed to be. And in the meantime, I spend all my time on my knees praying. I know that this whole idea of bringing home another child isn't only about saving her it is about growing me. I have already seen the Lord work thinks out for this to happen. Each time a bump in the road is hurtled in front of me I freak out, but that is my human nature. He is faithful, and I keep telling myself it isn't about what I can get done quicker because honestly it isn't in my hands to make it happen, it is in His. So, I will sit in His hands and spend time growing closer to Him while I wait for this precious gift that He is bringing home to me. So, I take each day as it comes and enjoy my boys because the Lord has blessed me with them also.


  1. Oh i wish i could help you with that stinkin paperwork! but I'm praying and you are so right, Nellie will be here at the exact moment she is supposed to be!!! And til then we just keep praying and you just keep plugging along on the paperwork and God will keep on doing what he does best... taking care of everything:)

  2. Thanks for all the supportive words they are such an encouragement to me.

  3. I cannot relate. That is the first thing I want to say. I never want to pretend that I know what families adopting are going through. Wish I did. Wish I could. But I cant. With that out of the way, as you are most likely aware, SO, SO many adoption stories have unfolded with twists, turns, bumps and delays, but all in all, in the end God has got it under control. In the end, his plan is often revealed. As you so wisely said above, she will be home in His timing. But I am sure it is agonizing and difficult. I am someone who puts a ton of pressure on myself, and I often feel like I could have done more. People like us just have to remember that we do the very best that we can and God takes care of the rest. Good luck. Best wishes. You will have Nellie home to you.

  4. Hi Beth - I will be keeping you all in thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks as you head into November. Praying that all the bumps in the road will smooth out, so that your paperwork can get in as soon as possible - and you'll be that much closer to bringing sweet Nellie home! I trust that God has it all under control - unfortunately Satan loves to have a hayday with things like this and will keep putting his obstacles in the way, in an effort to attack! I will be praying for protection and praying against Satan for your family!

    Also, I wanted to introduce myself, ha ha! I commented on your comment on Adeye's blog earlier today - Nellie was one of the first sweetie pies on RR that caught my eye. We are literally at the very beginning of this journey as well - went to our first meeting with an agency just tonight!!