Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thank You

A dear friend just donated 25.00 dollars to Nellie's account. I won't give her name because I don't know if she would want me too or not. This 25.00 was given and friends I know it is a sacrifice for her to do so. I never expected her to support us in this way. She did so out of love for me, my family, and for the love of Nellie, and boy it brings tears to my eyes. I am humbled and so thankful for such support. Thank you just doesn't seem to express what I really feel 25.00 is a large amount and I am asking others to donate what they can nothing is to small even if it is just 1.00.

Fundraising is not easy friends. It is the hardest part of this whole process. For me asking is the part that I struggle with the most. We are getting close to being finished with our homestudy and we still need around 600.00 more to send in paperwork after that.

In the next few weeks look for a chance to win a giveaway on my blog. Details will come soon.

So even though fundraising is hard, I will continue.

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