Monday, February 27, 2012


It seems that this past week has been the most calm I have been in months.  It seems waiting is much easier when you are waiting to be submitted and everything is in the hands of our facilitators in the girls country.  It is hard to believe we are going to be traveling soon. In fact I have had some extra time to do some things around our house.  Last night I actually painted our living room, and now I'm thinking about painting the girls room.  We moved into our house right before committing to Nellie (Bella) and I have done nothing to our house didn't even have photos on the wall because every free moment for months was scrambling around doing all the paperwork for our adoption.  So now it sort of feels like I'm nesting, tackling one room at a time and making it my own.

A few days ago, I did another coupon class to help raise money for our adoption.  This one was different then the others that I have done.  There were a few women that came in late and missed when I talked about the girls, and the adoption.  After the class, one of these ladies asked me about our adoption.  I started telling her and she recognized reeces rainbow from the news special they did around Christmas time.  I went into more detail and her eyes welled up with tears.I could tell her heart was broken.  We had an instant connection, love for the least of these.  Every time I turned to her, her eyes were red and started to tear up again.  Pray friends, pray that she persuses more information about orphans, pray that she gets a hold of me with more questions. This so thrills me, I have been praying that in some way The Lord would use our story  and that it would have profound effects on others.  In the seven months that we have been preparing to bring our girls home this is the first time I have seen someone get.  She got it, she understood, her heart broke.  I pray that in someway she is moved to action.  I do not even know her name, but my hunch is that she is going to inquire more. This actually makes my heart do flips.  I die inside every time I see another orphan transferred to an institution, I wonder why, why does this happen.  But I know that we are starting to band together and the world is starting to see the crisis at hand and we are doing it one at a time.  It just thrills me to know.  God is so Good.

Please continue to share our balloon release fundraiser.  We are close but we are still so far away.  Please share on your blogs, facebook, and tell your friends.  I am so in awe of how you guys have supported us with this fundraiser we now have 44 balloon that will be released on March 25th.  Thank you so much.

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