Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bella and Gracie = my girlies

Sorry, I haven't updated in a few days.  I just have been busy.  As far as where we are in process we should be able to send off paperwork next week.  Just working on our taxes.  That is it everything else is finished.  I'm planning on sending all the documents on Wednesday.  I think I'm almost in shock that we are actually this close.

My heart has kind of been torn in two.  On one hand I am ecstatic that we are getting closer to the girls.  We have even picked out names Nellie is Isabella (Bella) and Katelyn is Grace (Gracie).  I am thrilled that soon they won't be sitting in orphanages but will be home and loved by our family.  On the other hand I look at the thousands of children that will continue to be there living the life that my girls will get to leave.  It really haunts me.  I'm afraid that when we walk into the orphanages our eyes will be opened to a new degree, and I know that those precious children are all going to touch my heart. I know me and I know I won't want to leave any of them behind.  I have been praying about what life will be like after the girls get home and how I can be used to help these other kids.  I have no idea how the Lord is going to use me but I look forward to seeing what He has planned.  I know that adoption is not the end for me.  There is more, even if I an only adopt two, I can help bring home others just not sure what that entails yet.

For the moment I need to stay focused.  It is quite the task trying to get everything all set up for when we are gone.  I'm trying to make a list but the list keeps getting longer and longer.   Keeping food, school, kids, and daycare kids going with me not here seems to take a lot of people's help. It makes me wonder how I keep it all going smoothly.  I am really grateful for all of those willing to help.


  1. Oh I LOVE the names. Bella is one of my most favorite names ever. How exciting that you are getting so close. Celebrate big time when you send that Dossier aka "THE BEAST" off!


  2. Beautiful, beautiful names! Love them! :)

  3. Oh I love the name Gracie! I cannot wait until you have them home! Prep for the bake sale is going well! I'll send pics!