Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our adoption costs

Our Adoption Costs

$1316.00   Homestudy fee
$1305.00   Commitment fee

$10.00       Local police department fingerprinting fee
$36.00      FBI Fingerprinting fee
$45.00      Copies of Marriage Licience
$302.00     Passports
$80.00       Medical co pays

$80.00        Apostille fees for CSPs and POAs (8 documents) 
$40.00        Apostille fee's for redo's because country changed names
$120.00      UPS shipping to Eastern Europe
$40.00        Overnight documents so another family could hand deliver paperwork
$975.00      USCIS application
$390.00      Apostille fees for all dossier documents 
$500.00          wire to country to send over with dossier.
$175.00           ship dossier over to country

$5414.00  Total spent to date

(all of these are approximate at this time and may be more or less):
$ 6000.00    Airfare
$ 2000.00   Lodging ($100/night X20 days)
$400.00  Food/other supplies ($20/day X 20 days)
$13,000     Facilitator fees
$ 1000   Transportation (train, driver or taxi to visit the institution and to collect                                                     documents, go to court, etc)
$ 1200.00 2 passports
$ 1100.00   Visa and medica
$  720   USCIS fee for Gracie
$  2000   Girlie  flights home!
$27,420  Anticipated total of costs yet to be incurred

For a grand total of . . .

$32,834 Our estimate of what it will cost to ransom two children from Eastern Europe

What we have and what we still need:

Bella and Gracie's grants:   10,000
FSP                                      1037
Tax refund and savings          6000
other donations                     2000

Total of what we have          19,037
Total of what we still need    8383

I wanted to break this down so that everyone knows where we stand,  God has provided   24,451. I am in awe of how everything has been provided so far.  Just the other day, the day we needed 390.00 to send in for apostilling documents.  Moments before heading to send them off, an old daycare family came and paid an old  bill, in total they paid me 400.00.  The money that was needed to get the apostilling done.  There have been many moments like this in our process. At the beginning we ended up not needing to pay our mortgage one month, and that helped pay for another item on our list.  The Lord has continued to show me that He provides.  We have a little over a month to come up with 10,000 it seems like a huge task but I know we can get there.  Later today I will be sharing our next fundraiser, please share it with everyone you know.  

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