Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am truly leaping with joy.  I can not even explain the stress, that seems to be gone.  I am so thankful for the support of all my new found internet friends.  Each of you have held me up in the moments that I really wondered if we were ever going to get there.  I believe that I see an end in sight.  All the countless hours of worry, splashed with paperwork that seemed never ending on top of life seemed like such a daunting task.  I truly can say I have a new kind of respect for families who adopt.  Really I had no clue when we started how difficult this would be.
Now I know we have just hit the next part, which I have come to expect will be difficult.  Thinking about being in a country where I can't communicate with others because of  the language barrier,  the unknown of the orphanages, the food, the culture.  The paperwork trail in a country where I wont have a clue as to how to get places, and the emotional part of actually meeting the girls.  The thing is I am so ready to go, I should be shaking in my boots, but instead my head says bring it on I can do it.  So here we are, ready for the next season of this process.
I will have another fundraiser  coming up in a week or so.  We are right at the 10,000 mark now.  To me that seems impossible to come up with in the next month and a half, and I could fret but, we have made it this far.  There have been moments when God has had to carry me because there was just no way I could do it myself.  I have seen His presence through this whole process and know that we will get there.  I have faith that soon I can hold those my girls in my arms.


  1. I'm gearing up for my Valentines bake sale!! Keep praying that people are generous!

  2. Can you tell me how to vote in the baby contest???? I thought I better vote for Ellis Anne before it's too late.