Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Disappointed!  First it has been quite the week.  Friday night Nathan had the stomach bug all night long, Saturday night it was Noah, Sunday it was Zachary and Caleb.  Sunday night, I started to get sick and am now just getting over it.  So it has been quite the week.  On the up side hopefully we won't be sick when it is time to travel.  However, today was the day that I kept telling everyone that our dossier would be sent. I was wrong, again.  Seems to me whenever I have a projected date, it is completely wrong.  It has kind of been emotional because I desperately wanted to send our paperwork today.  This is what happened, I sent in our paperwork to get the official state stamp, and was told they were sending all of our paperwork back unstamped.  Why, because our social workers licence needed to be an original not a photocopy. (News to me and my stateside helper.) So my dear husband is running to Lincoln on Friday to get this taken care of.  Apparently the office with state licenses is one door away from the secretary of states notary office.  So I am not even trying to attempt a day that it will be mailed next week, that way I won't be disappointed.

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