Thursday, April 12, 2012

Overwhelmed today.  I sit here in tears as I watch others step in and help us with the last of our funding.  A few weeks ago, I was like okay God, I have nothing left to do.  I have no more fundraisers, I have nothing left to do to make this happen, I was wiped and drained emotionally, financially and had to just turn it over to God.  When I let go and trust in Him I am in awe as he has turned others hearts towards us.  Not just one or two but several people, several families are in process of helping us come up with the rest of our funds. I truly am not worried, because God has provided everything so far and we are only short a measly 1000.00.  I humbly say thank you to all of you.  The last 8 months money has been slowly but steadily pouring in.  I look at the relationships I have made along the way, and others in my community that I will have lasting relationships with as they poured out love over our family.  God is doing so much more here than just providing the money for our adoption.  He has opened up my eyes, and my heart to people just like me.  8 days and counting, we are 8 days from boarding a plane to meet our daughters.  I am overjoyed even thinking about it.

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